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Thread: Eli Manning: I canít remember why I didnít want to be a Charger

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    Quote Originally Posted by jintsrule View Post
    I just read an interview from Leaf that was written by his cell mate one time from jail. They were friends... I guess still are. Leaf became heavily addicted to pain killers. I think from the interview that he wanted to escape from the world because he felt like he was being judged as a failure by too many people.

    I always think of it as, Eli didn't not want to play in San Diego, he just really wanted to play here. And why wouldn't he, with the best fans in the world?
    Yeah. I know Favre was badly addicted early in his career as well. I feel like that's something everyone is susceptible to, if they get into them.
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    I don't even think he remembers what happened last game lol just who he is all jokes aside I wouldn't wanna play there either

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    Maybe Eli doesn't remember he won 2 Superbowl MVP's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBookOfEli View Post
    Maybe Eli doesn't remember he won 2 Superbowl MVP's.
    I can't say whether Eli forgot or not. I know there are plenty of "Giants fans" who have.
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    "I felt good today."
    -Eli Manning

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    Ha...Eli knows exactly why he didn't stay in SD.

    What he probably did forget is who's blocking his left side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    Always the safe play. It is like throwing a pass away out of bounds. It won't help but surely won't hurt either.
    It seems to me that saying he can't recall that significant event is like his saying he doesn't know where he was on 911.
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    I've always felt like there was maybe something personal to that decision too and it's classy not to rehash those things.

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    Well according to another journalist he said it tongue-in-cheek. If so, bad reporting by Michael David smith


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    We all know the answer was "cause Archie said so..." lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by P_Simms_#11 View Post
    I don't blame him. Nothing to see here. Move along.
    Yup. Can't blame him for not saying anything in response to a sucker question, if history is a judge, no one can blame him (or his dad) for not wanting to play in San Diego.

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