With the season just about over for big blue, and slim chances of making the playoffs, I believe we need to give more playing time to the young TE's on the roster. Meyers has been a huge disappointment in my eyes (even with last weeks game). Meyers just doesn't fit this offense, he can't block worth a damn, and if he does end up catching a ball he ends up falling down immediately. Is it possible he is even less athletic than Ballard and Boss?

I know Adrien Robinson has been injured most of the year, but i think he is healthy now. Let's see what this kid has, he can't be any worse than Meyers. He most likely would be a huge upgrade in the run game. Time to show why NYG drafted you or stop taking up a damn roster space and cut him. I don't care if he's the " JPP of tight ends" we need some production out of the position, it has really been killing our offense all season. The O-line has sucked, but the TE's have been a big part of the problem, think about how often Eli went to Boss or Ballard, the TE was his safety blanket.

Larry Donnell looks like he could be promising if he could just stay healthy. Good blocker that needs to work on his hands a little bit.