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    all time worst giants non-star team

    After reading the worst era thread I thought this might be fun

    Make a team of the worst giants you have actually seen play. You dont have to go in to each position if you dont want to. You can just go by corps. Stick to guys who played significantly not bench warmers who barely saw the feild

    Ive been watching since 2000

    QB- Kerry "make it a double" Collins

    RB- Ron " pass the cupcakes" Dayne

    WR- Ramses "should be playing basketball instead" Barden

    OL- Luke " move AFTER the ball is snapped?" Petitgout

    DL-William " no motor" Joseph

    LB- Kevin "softer than cotton candy" lewis

    DB- stumped on this one at the moment

    K-matt " take it to the house Deshaun" dodge
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