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Thread: all time worst giants non-star team

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    Austin's time here wasn't unreasonable at all. Three camps, but only once on final roster. If it weren't for some monster camps from Patterson and Rogers, Austin would still be here. I'd rather have him for a remote chance than Kuhn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfie View Post
    All of you must be to young to remember the greatest number 1 draft pick the Giants ever made (In my opinion of course).

    Rocky Thompson
    Nah, do you 1 better, & I saw him play & suffered all thru H.S. Years.. RB Tucker Frederickson, #1 overall draft pick 1965, Butkus, Sayres & Namath drafted after & host of other stars, BUST!, we paid for years on this one @ the start of the DARK AGES..in Giant History!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roosevelt View Post
    Kerry Collins - anyone who thinks KC was terrible obviously knows nothing about the players that preceded him. Dave Brown, Danny Kannel, Tommy Maddox, or Kent Graham. Take your pick. They all sucked.
    Oh God, I forgot about Maddox.

    For those who weren't around, they brought in Dan Reeves in 1993 and there were still enough Parcells guys around to make a good run of it -- they were playing for the division title in the last game of the season vs. Cowboys. Anyway, then they cut Simms the next year and we wandered in the QB desert until Collins was brought in.

    Maddox was a guy that Dan Reeves drafted in Denver, as a project to replace (some would say undermine) John Elway. Reeves just wouldn't give up on him and brought him here. And if anyone was worse than Dave Brown and Kent Graham, it was Maddox.

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    willie ponder wr george adams rb

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