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    Quote Originally Posted by Geebanga718 View Post
    No one trades a starting QB....EVER.....

    Only reason San Fran traded Montana was because they had Steve Young. There is no Steve young on our roster or in the draft

    It has nothing to do with Eli being irreplaceable. There is no such thing as an irreplaceable player, unless Jesus himself was playing football.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue_Thunder View Post
    Well, it was the Raiders, and is was one 1st, not two 1sts, a second, and a third. As for what hes won, how does that matter?
    You mentioned Eli's successes so I mentioned Palmer's lack of them. Also, that 2nd-rounder was conditional. Had the Raiders made the playoffs under Palmer, it'd have become a 1st.

    And yeah, I know it was a typical Raiders move, but it does acknowledge the possibility that it could happen. Teams overpay for players all the time.
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