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    The league may have figured kubiak out

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    Quote Originally Posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
    Great comments.

    Eli shares the blame and Reese should be criticized for some poor moves. But gilbride doesn't surprise anyone. The route options create some big plays but also some huge mistakes

    Belichick game planned gilbrides system very well and in both SB wins if came down to Eli making huge plays at the end.

    I would like to see a different coordinator before Eli retires
    I must say. I thoroughly enjoy responding to obvious Eli Homers. It amuses me like nothing else.

    Gilbride's system is very similar to the offences that are currently masterfully executed by real 'elite' QBs such as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

    Why is there offence better? cause their QB's are actually accurate and dont spray the ball in a massive radius.

    When the Giants won the superbowl in 2007, its because Eli stopped making his customary turnovers. He became a game manager who didnt turn the ball over. Our defence is the reason we won those superbowls - apart from some clutch throws all Eli did was play a part.

    I wonder what people would be saying if Asante Samuel had actually caught that ball that Eli threw at him? Or if that awesome helmet catch had never taken place (a horrible decision by Eli - regardless of the outcome).

    the reason for our offences inconsistency is NOT Gilbride. Its our inconsistent QB. One day even you homers will realize that.

    Our next OC will only cement this opinion.

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