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I hear ya. Wasnt calling you out, either, was more trying to understand the logic because this isn't the first instance of me reading it. Different perspectives can broaden ideas one alreay has...i like to get as many as possible for that reason and hopefully someone will take me down their rabbit hole, so to speak.
Well the thing is, in some posters minds, evenmyself at times, they know more than the actual teams, coaches, and front offices. The only way someone could still try to claim there was some issue with the pick, is if that person disqualified reality and what actually happened, in favor of their opinion which becomes ''fact'' in their mind. And it doesn't matter that there is not one way to justify their claim, nor does it matter that there's a plethora of valid reasons that justify the counterargument to their opinion. Really, it stems from the fact a person was u aware of Pugh and that person feeling that must mean he wasn't a first Rd talent bc if that person is unaware of Pugh, since they know everything, the unawareness is bc Pugh didn't warrant being known.

The way Pugh has played, the only question about hos draft status should be ''how was he not a top 5 pick?'' he's dramatically out played the other OL in his class aside from maybe fluke...