"Eli Manning is the story, right? He returns to the city where he refused to play for just the second time in his career. He's playing against the quarterback that was traded for him for the second time in his career.

Too bad somebody else will steal the spotlight. His name is...

Andre Brown 200 Yards Rushing
In case you havenít noticed, the Giants have become a running team, with Brown carrying the load. The oft-injured running back is finally healthy and playing well. Against a Chargers team that canít stop the run (4.9 yards per carry), Brown gets plenty of opportunities and yards. His season Ė and career Ė high is 127 yards against the Cowboys two weeks ago. He blows that out of the water on Sunday against the Chargers.

Jon Beason 15+ Tackles
The Giantsí middle linebacker had 17 tackles last week in a win over the Redskins. He approaches that for a second straight week in San Diego with another huge game. San Diego likes to throw short, quick passes. Beason works sideline to sideline making more than three handfuls of plays both against the run and pass.

Chargers Return Kick or Punt for TD
Itís been a few weeks (almost seven actually) since the Giantsí special teams allowed a return for a TD. Itís about time. San Diego kickoff returner Danny Woodhead or punt returner Keenan Allen take one to the house. Both are explosive playmakers.

Giant Win

Hey, Iím the only one of our four experts that picked Big Blue. That makes it bold in my book."