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    We are 9 point underdogs

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    Re: We are 9 point underdogs

    Good, that's how we like it
    My goal had been to win a championship, work toward the Hall of Fame, have my jersey retired by the team and I`d go in as a lifelong New York Giant, but I`m now resigned to the fact that this won`t happen. -- Michael Strahan, just when you think you're down...

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    Re: We are 9 point underdogs

    Well, you give 3 points just for being the home team. I'll bet that increases to 10-1/2. More money will go down on GB as the week progresses.

    Will somebody please wake up the sleeping Giants.

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    Re: We are 9 point underdogs

    I'am good with that GO G-MEN!!!

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    Re: We are 9 point underdogs

    Love it.......nothing to lose attitude!

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    Re: We are 9 point underdogs


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    Re: We are 9 point underdogs

    [quote user="brad"]Good, that's how we like it[/quote]Yep. I remember the Giants used that last time.

    Twitter Account! https://twitter.com/DragonSoul

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    Re: We are 9 point underdogs

    [quote user="tripleaamin9"]http://www.footballlocks.com/nfl_point_spreads.shtml

    We get no respect

    id like to take that but we have to win on the field for me to feel good!

    go git 'em G-Men

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    Re: We are 9 point underdogs

    I'll take the 9. We win outright. I Believe.

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    Re: We are 9 point underdogs

    Excellent that should put the Giants at about +220 ML. Bring it home Gmen.... hopefully I can rack up some bucks as well like in '07. In '07 i took giants ML from the Buffalo game on and made some nice bank.

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