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Thread: NFL network - Jeffries, WR Oilers under Gilbride

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    NFL network - Jeffries, WR Oilers under Gilbride

    Said that offensive players did not like Gilbride. He said that having 4 ligit WRs was a big part of what made them successful.

    He also said they had SERIOUS RED ZONE issues. We were not good in the red zone...interesting.

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    Hopefully more of our organization watches this 'Football Life' special and they seriously antagonize Gilbride and his policies from early on in his career. This should be more of an eye-opener for the masses that don't think Gilbride is the reason for some of our abysmal showings.

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    It's reasonable to assume he'll be fired when the season ends.

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    You don't say?


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    Really? I don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeatYale View Post
    It's reasonable to assume he'll be fired when the season ends.
    I hope he is just asked to retire and he complies...I know there is a lot of hate for him around these boards but he did leave us with two incredible memories...

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    I wonder how good Gilbride will be at bagging groceries next off season.....
    Stay hungry and stay humble

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeatYale View Post
    It's reasonable to assume he'll be fired when the season ends.
    I don't think so. Cruz is the only good receiver Giants have and the O-line is not that good. There is no way the offense is going to shine.

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    I think the front office is reading the mood of the fans.....people are tired watching guys underachieve on offense.

    They desperately need a Gruden-type of guy to instill some fire on offense.
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    Didn't the Oilers have a top 5 offense every year under Gilbride? I'm not saying he deserves to come back next season but he was very successful over there. I remember Gilbride's "run-n-shoot" was all the rage back then.

    With that said that was about 20 years ago, I'd like to see some changes for next season...
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