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    Can we draft Jadeveon Clowney if we go 6-10?

    I am assuming he will be a top 10 pick, and we are probably going to end up with 10-14th overall pick.

    What do you guys think? Drafting Clowney a reality?

    Should we go for someone else (OL, OG)?

    I really don't know where our holes on this team are. I think the D line played well this season, and the defense as a whole in general. I feel the D coordinator failed us.

    As in offense, I feel that we need to draft another WR, TE, and a herd of linemen.

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    I'm going to go ol first, we have to get OL

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    Nope, long gone before we pick.

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    Our first pick will definitely be a pass rusher, OLB or DE.. if Clowney is there, no way we're passing him up

    Can't believe we're 30th in sacks

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    You know Jerry Reach.... "best available".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantslb66 View Post
    Nope, long gone before we pick.
    You think top 5?

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    I think the Falcons are the front runners for Clowney. Their pass rush has been non-existent this year and they'll likely be picking before us. If he's there and we pick I still think it's too hard to pass up.

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    I want Anthony Barr or Mosely RD1.

    We need G's.. Plenty to choose from RDs 2-5..
    Stop Booing Tiki Barber.


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    Derek Carr is a top 10 prospect...Can you imagine David's little bro being picked by us to be Eli's successor? LOL I keed...

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    I hope we pile up some more defensive tackles.
    "I like linebackers. I collect 'em. You can't have too many good ones." - Bill Parcells

    "Name the starting linebackers from 2007." - Jerry Reese

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