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    Can we draft Jadeveon Clowney if we go 6-10?

    I am assuming he will be a top 10 pick, and we are probably going to end up with 10-14th overall pick.

    What do you guys think? Drafting Clowney a reality?

    Should we go for someone else (OL, OG)?

    I really don't know where our holes on this team are. I think the D line played well this season, and the defense as a whole in general. I feel the D coordinator failed us.

    As in offense, I feel that we need to draft another WR, TE, and a herd of linemen.

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    I'm going to go ol first, we have to get OL

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    Nope, long gone before we pick.

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    Our first pick will definitely be a pass rusher, OLB or DE.. if Clowney is there, no way we're passing him up

    Can't believe we're 30th in sacks

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    You know Jerry Reach.... "best available".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantslb66 View Post
    Nope, long gone before we pick.
    You think top 5?

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    I think the Falcons are the front runners for Clowney. Their pass rush has been non-existent this year and they'll likely be picking before us. If he's there and we pick I still think it's too hard to pass up.

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    I want Anthony Barr or Mosely RD1.

    We need G's.. Plenty to choose from RDs 2-5..
    Stop Booing Tiki Barber.


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    Derek Carr is a top 10 prospect...Can you imagine David's little bro being picked by us to be Eli's successor? LOL I keed...

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    I hope we pile up some more defensive tackles.
    "They come to the line of scrimmage and the first thing they do is start looking for me....I know, and they know. When they’d find me they’d start screaming: 56 left ! 56 left!....So there’s this thing I did. After the play was over I’d come up behind them and whisper: don’t worry where I am. I’ll tell you when I get there."
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