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    Going to Lambeau?

    is anyone thinking of actually flying to Green Bay for the game? Looking at flights out of New York, they all seem outrageously priced - like at least $400+ roundtrip. Will this price go down? Has anyone ever gone to Lambeau? I'd really like to go but was very surprised to see it was that pricey.

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    Re: Going to Lambeau?

    that's a good price

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    Re: Going to Lambeau?

    Cheaper flying to Chicago renting a car and driving up......pending where your flying out of.

    We're driving out with tailgate gear in tow Friday night. 16 Hours......shift driving.

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    Re: Going to Lambeau?

    Me and my buddies are driving as well...leaving 6 am saturday, getting to our chicago hotel (much cheaper than GB hotels..got a room for 53/night) in time to watch the Broncos game and driving the final 3 hours to lambeau the next morning...we'll be tailgating stadium parking lot, the parking ticket we bought says Lombardi Row, so i guess thats the section of the parking lot

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