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    Looking back at our drafts

    Where are the gamechangers? - Who's panned out since 2009.


    yes - Nicks 1
    no - Sintim 2 (poor LB pick)
    yes/no/who knows anymore - Beatty 2
    no - Barden 3
    no - Beckum 3
    yes - Andre Brown 4 (even though we cut him a couple of times)
    no - Rhett Bomar 5
    no - DeAndre Wright 6
    no - Stoney Woodson


    Solid first 2 picks.Petrus stepped up when needed last season, however he has not factored into anything. Adrian Tracy was always the man with all expectations.

    yes - Pierre-Paul 1
    yes - Linval Joseph 2
    no - Chad Jones 3 (circumstances)
    no - Dillard 4 (failed LB)
    no - Petrus 5 (in my opinion never given proper opportunity - however did not work out)
    no - Adrian Tracy 6 (same as above)
    no - Matt Dodge 7 (nothing to say)


    Worst draft year by far. Somewhat set the team back a year with all of the misses.

    yes - Prince Amakumara 1(above average CB, lacks physicaility and size)
    no - Marvin Austin 2 (Reese's worst high pick - off team)
    no - Jerrel Jernigan 3 (almost equally as bad as above)
    no - Brewer 4
    no - Greg Jones 6
    no - Tyler Sash 6
    no - Jacquian Williams 6 (servicable)


    In retrospect Round 1 could have been the Doug Martin pick. However once he went off the board we should have went right to serious needs at OL/LB. Reese's miss on OL this draft totally set this team up for it's currect OL failures.

    no (as of now) - David Wilson 1 (lacks rb blocking skills, size - underutilized in his strengths - screens/split out wide - career also in jeopardy)
    yes- Rueben Randle 2 (however will not turn out to be the Hakeem Nicks we saw from 09-11)
    yes - Jayron Hosley 3 (somewhat panned out - no more than a Nickel CB)
    no - Adrien Robinson 4 (bust - let's all admit it)
    no - Brandon Mosley 4
    no - McCants 6
    no - Markus Kuhn 7


    Based on expectations of rounds 1-3... Very early to tell. Just my opinions. I think Picks 1-3 will be solid for us these next few seasons.
    Could be his best draft since 2009.

    yes - Pugh 1
    yes - Jonathan Hankins 2 (make up pick for Marvin Austin)
    yes - Damontre Moore 3
    no - Nassib 4 (this pick should have went OL or LB)
    no - Cooper Taylor 5
    no - Eric Herman 7
    yes - Michael Cox 7 (no more than a return man)

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    I agree that one-to-two starters per draft isn't nearly enough. I'm a little more skeptical about this year's class than you are or I just haven't seen enough yet to say one way or the other. Moore has been great on specials but we haven't seen enough of him on defense to say what kind of pass rusher he can be going forward. Hankins has looked good in limited action but, again, we need to see more. Cox hasn't done anything on returns. I'd like to see more picks that have some of that old-time charm of some of our favorite Giants from yesteryear. We've found some of that in FA and trades (e.g., Rolle, Beason) but not the draft.

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    I think Sintim was the "worst high pick". I didn't see much to like in him coming out of college outside of his stat sheet.

    I don't know how anyone could object to Austin in the second round after looking at his college tape and the events leading up to him being drafted, then injured in camp. The fallout was just unfortunate.

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    I like Cooper Taylor .......he has made the most of his limited opptys, Kuhn is injured

    Cutting Sash may be Coughlins worst decision ever............ti resulted in going from a very good kick coverage unit, to the leagues worst not to mention the guy was a very decent DB

    Cutting Petrus with nothing on tap was BRAIN DEAD

    Who the Heck was Stoney Woodson..........Darren Woodson's 3rd cousin twice removed??? LOL

    You forgot to mention cutting Torrain and Ojomo...........I know the coaches know better............. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Our coaches have VERY good practices followed by games that make you want to jump off a bridge........you trust these guys to make personnel decisions?

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    Sash? Seriously? He would be the fifth safety if Stevie Brown weren't injured. Maybe sixth since I don't think Cooper Taylor is that far off.

    So you should also chastise Seattle and Buffalo's coaching staff since they, too, released Ojomo. Torrain is still unsigned by any other team.

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    What is most important Jerry Reese has nailed the first round picks. Yes he has had some misses in the rounds after mixed in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue&WhitePride View Post
    What is most important Jerry Reese has nailed the first round picks. Yes he has had some misses in the rounds after mixed in.
    Can't say he's always nailed his first two picks.JPP and Joseph seem to be the only regarded ones.

    What I was basically getting at is this. Let me take Larry Fitzgerald for a second. He was drafted in the same class as Eli. This dates back to 2004.

    Who has been our key centerpoint gamechanger that has been drafted by Reese. It seems all we've been doing was drafting guys, first rounders especially, and just seeing them depart or not pan out. Kenny Phillips, Ross, now soon to be Nicks. Obviously circumstance like injury, contract situations happen, but who's our guy for the next 10 seasons? JPP? I doubt this now.

    Prince isn't a shutdown CB. He's good. We've just been getting good players, no game changers. JPP was that guy, but where's he been these last two years?
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    A few too many projects, but all in all, not a bad track record.
    Do not feed the trolls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercury View Post
    A few too many projects, but all in all, not a bad track record.
    Perfectly said.
    Stop Booing Tiki Barber.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercury View Post
    A few too many projects, but all in all, not a bad track record.
    Yes, it's unexpected to tell who pans out. I just wish, like many that these guys panned out a little longer. We just seem to be getting a bunch of fill ins year in and year out.I feel like we always have constant holes for the past 4 years in our secondary and LB core. Would be nice to be like San Fran and know we're coming in every year with guys named Bowman, Willis and Brooks. Then also be happy with linemen like Justin Smith and Aldon Smith, even throw McDonald in there.

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