[quote user="NYfanatic"][quote user="jhamburg"][quote user="Bread"][quote user="TroyArcher"]The Giants and 49ers will have to overcome the zebras to win next week.[/quote]New York and San Francisco are the bigger markets.[/quote]

You know what's a bigger market than New York? The whole country, who wants to see the two best teams and QBs play each other in the championship.[/quote]
NY makes more money for the NFL if they are constantly better then the whole league. Their is a reason why the Yankees are the most valued franchise in the world and the knicks are the #2 or somthing most valued franchise in the NBA even after a decade of crap. NY > Every other team in the USA.

I repsectfully disagree. New York is huge and has many, many people. But the Yankees are a horrible example of New York's power over television markets. The Yankees are popular because they have been around and have been winning forever, thus everyone loves to hate them (ala, Cowboys, Lakers, etc)

Yes, there's a lot of east coast biased and everything related, but the New York Giants (barring a dynasty) will not command the television presence of teams like the Patriots, Packers, Steelers, and even though we suck, Cowboys.

More than the Saints? Yeah probably.