[quote user="flamethrower"][quote user="ShakeNBake"][quote user="flamethrower"]At the 3:50 moment of the 3rd quarter. Packers just kicked a Field goal. But, still trail by 7 points. If the NFL really wanted this conspiracy to happen why are they not up by 70+ points at this time??? 20-13 Giants.

Are you even watching the game? The bias the refs are showing towards GB is ridiculous. No wonder why you are not being taken seriously here, shouldn;t you get back to ****ing your mother out back in the mobile home?
[/quote] I only saw 2 calls that went the way you are claiming the whole game went.
And if that was the case. Would you kindly explain why the Giants are gonna leave Green Bay with a win? Not an excuse. Not a Conspiracy. Explain why, if the Packers are in cahoots with the refs are they trailing, and gonna lose by 17 points to the Giants. You Giants fans should be happy. You won. I am getting tired of being not a Giant fan. Defending the play of the Giants. Against supposed Giants fans who think that the whole wide world is against them. News flash. You WON. Be Happy.
[/quote]Obviously you just watched part of the game or you were busy looking inside the potato chips bag. How else you can explain all the NON Calls on the late hits on Eli? And then Bam! Osi hits Rodgers legally and gets a phantom "hit on the head" play! That resulted in keeping the drive alive and scoring 7.