I totally agree. If a guard is good enough to be a first round pick i DONT CARE if we have to "reach" to get him. I've looked at some recent drafts and time and time again we passed on players in the mid-late 1st round because they were "reaches" yet whoever snagged them in the back end of the first round or early-mid second round got a pro bowl player. Everyone knew these guys were good but because they weren't tackles or QB's they fell. If there is a guard with pro bowl potential YOU TAKE HIM, because some other team will take him in the 20s and get a pro bowler player.

Players we should've taken: 2009 draft- Max Unger- Best available center and current pro bowler I'm sure we'd LOVE to have him now but he fell because he's only a center. Could've had him over CLINT SINTIM, PEOPLE!!

Same with Louis Vasquez- pro bowler and the SECOND guard taken in the draft- fell to the third round bc he's "only" a guard.