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    The Boom Boom Room

    Did anybody hear in the pregame on of the commentators talking about our defense backfield getting together at Kenny Philips house to go over tape outside of what they do with the coaches. The players call it the boom boom room, that's great. Awesome to see our guys making the extra effort on there own to get better and it is absoultley showing on the field.

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    Re: The Boom Boom Room

    Lol, watching film in the boom boom room.

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    Re: The Boom Boom Room

    [quote user="BigBlue2010"]Lol, watching film in the boom boom room.[/quote]These little blurbs that come out make the drive all that much more fun & memmorable.

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    Re: The Boom Boom Room

    Good thing because they needed to. I think the OL used to do that when O'Hara and Seubert were around. I wonder if they still do. Every unit should be doing that.

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