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    Experts Predict Giants' 2014 Draft Pick

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    I read a lot of mocks.. and by far Lewan is the most mocked Giant..

    I don't hate or love the pick.. he could turn out to be a really good pro..

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    I'd love for the Giants to draft Mosley or Barr, but JR seems to hate drafting LBers so I won't bother to get my hopes up that either will end up a Giant.
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    I think a tackle is a very solid choice where we are. We could have the bookends for years to come. Add to interior linemen in FA and the line could be very solid which will help Eli!! I agree we could use a stud LB and have shouted that for years. We should have taken Burflict in the sixth round last year.

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    And none of them could be right….that's my bet!

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    My realistic pick right now would either be Gilbert or Dennard. Right now I'd lean with Gilbert bc he's so explosive in the kick return game. We'd kill 2 birds with one stone on that pick. It'd be nice to pair up Prince with one of them and have a young solid corner duo for the next few years. Couple that with a healthy JPP and our D looks pretty good!!

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