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Interesting all this talk about drafting a TE.

I just spent some time on YouTube (while watching the NFC championship game) watching videos of the top TE prospects (Ebron, Seferian-Jenkins, and Amaro) and my opinions:

Ebron: Most athletic of the bunch; like a big fast WR with quickness and speed. One highlight he showed big time speed outrunning the secondary on an intermediate reception. Didn't look all that big which probably means he's an average blocker.

Seferian-Jenkins: Tall and rangy athletic guy; looks vaguely like Jimmy Graham physique wise. Doesn't have that top end speed like Ebron, looks pretty physical (well looks like he can be with that size).

Amaro: Looks to have the most natural receiving skills (though not sure if that Texas Tech system skews this perception). Kind of a mix between Ebron and Seferian-Jenkins; skill and physique wise.

I also watched some video on C.J. Fiedorowicz and this is one big TE. Doesn't look all that quick or fast but has nice soft hands. A lot of his highlights are him just using his height and catching seam passes (I worry about him on the seam passes considering Eli throws those seam passes high a lot).
I like the ND TE (Troy Niklas). I'd rate him after Ebron/Amaro -- but maybe on par with Seferian-Jenkins and about Fiedorowicz.

Not sure any of them are worth our #12. Amaro in the 2nd at #44 sounds interesting and / or Niklas in the 3rd. That said -- I wouldn't be totally upset with Ebron at #12 or S-Jenkins at #44. Best preference is Niklas in the 3rd or better yet 4th.