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Thread: How in the world does Reese miss out on Jordan Mills and Zac Stacy in RD5 of last yr?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piddy283 View Post
    He should've followed my mock. We'd be in good shape coming into this year
    I know people think Ogletree is an amazing linebacker but he simply isn't.

    He missed a ton of tackles this year and allowed 785 yards in coverage.

    Athletic yes, but a good athlete doesn't translate to a good football player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    i would of taken Stacy in the 4th round. I loved him , pretty easy to see the vision and patience he possessed . He will be a solid NFL back for a long time
    Agreed. Its frustrating that hes taking guys like Adrien Robinson, Ryan Nassib, Cooper Taylor, and missing out on guys like Zac Stacy and other value picks. I just don't get reese? He used to go Value the first few yrs he was GM for us all the time.. Now hes always taking these projects who rarley work out for us.

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    Reese has done a very poor job drafting players overall. Hopefully this is his "fix this or you're done year."
    I'd prefer he was done now.

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