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Thread: The Reason Buddt Ryan Punched Kevin Gilbride as Per Wiki

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geebanga718 View Post
    ^^ I Guess you don't watch Hockey. I enjoy a good bench clearing brawl or an NFL shoving match.

    or this.

    I mean between like the coaches.

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    Only complete scumbags think Buddy Ryan was in the right.

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    There was only one moment that I thought about Ryan in glowing terms: When he threw that punch at Kildrive!!!

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    I think the whole incident reminds me of when Zimmer charged the mound at Pedro.

    Angry old man looks like a fool.
    Manslaughter is easier to convict (and sentence) than murder. Instant replay still gets it wrong sometimes. Peace and love to all the fans of all the teams. We're all fans, and we love OUR team.

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    Im starting to think football should move away from coaches all together. Let the players play

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    stuff like that is why buddys defensive players loved him but always why he divided locker rooms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyy View Post
    I'm no KG fan, but he didn't deserve to get punched at all.
    If he truly approached Ryan aggressively maybe he did...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roosevelt View Post
    Oh yes he did.

    You have a nice lead. Be smart and humble and take it into half time.

    Or, act like an *** and get punched.
    What a stupid statement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bing Crosby View Post
    Buddy Ryan is a loud mouth who couldn't get along with his fellow coaches no matter where he was unless he was the HC and constantly divided teams no mater where he went. I have little respect for that jackass.
    ^ This.

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    KG should have kicked his ***. All Buddy and his two loudmouth sons are is talk. Probably cant fight worth a damn.

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