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    Most importantly, Eli needs to help himself this off season, from the ground up.

    Maybe a new QB coach?

    How about Phil Simms weight room regiment?

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    Nothing against the OP or directed at anyone that posted in here, but I find this extremely funny. I have been clamouring for TE for 2-3 years now to be addressed high in the draft or with a proven FA. I wanted graham after seeing his combine, I wanted Fleener instead of Wilson and Eifert last year when I saw him improve his blocking in his final season at Stanford. Fans on here always rebuttled my arguments with we don't use TE or all we need a TE for is blocking. I truly hate that comment as the TE is one of the most important dual purpose pieces on offense, I remembered playing in highschool my numbers jumped when I was playing WR once we got a TE that was also a threat. I always said if Eli in his prime (now) had shockey on his prime he would cut down his ints and increase his red zone scoring percentage.

    We don't need a Blocking TE, we need a big/moderately fast pass catching TE that we can coach up to block, ala Shockey. Someone Like a Jace Amaro this year, who I personally have ahead of Ebron for my own reasons . People want blocking TE's cause the line needs help, **** that fix the line then get more weapons on the field. Bennett who I doubted with every core of my body made me eat some serious crow then we let him go???

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