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Thread: Corey Webster

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    Corey Webster

    What more can we say about this guy? He has quietly turned into one of the better cover corners in the league. He absolutely made Roddy White look mediocre yesterday. Corey has had a great year and I hope he is a Giant for the rest of his career.

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    Re: Corey Webster

    He played amazing, next weekend will be a true test. He needs to come out and play hard there

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    Re: Corey Webster

    He's making a ton of money, but good corners are at a premium. He just might be worth that much.

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    Re: Corey Webster

    pretty weak this season but very good yesteraday.

    Totally ate Roddy White's food.
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    Re: Corey Webster

    Webby and the squad are playing their best ball when it matters most.

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