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    Really like him. Depends on his combine, but he could be a good trade-back-a-few-spots option.

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    Early on again and got flagged for a P.I but had good coverage all game and tackled well for the most part

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    I tried to give a little summary of each video so I rewatched them so I could write the summary. Hopefully you guys can read what I wrote and pick out a few games from the I think 7 I posted all from this year

    EDIT: All of these are on draftbreakdown too and I believe there is a video or two from last season. I love the site personally there are a ton videos to watch

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycsportzfan View Post
    Somebody should post some vids of him in the thread. Theres tons of em in Redeyes other draft spot. Draftbreakdown.. This guys a physical beast. I love physical corners, albeit, i do fall for some finesse ones at times as well, a physical "TT" kinda corner who can make plays on the ball is my kinda corner..
    Me too. I'm an absolute ***** for bone jarring hitting safeties in the Ronnie Lott mode. It's a damn shame Kenny Phillips injured his knee and had his career flame I - I thought he was going to be special. Also, Chad Jones was raw, but he was in the same draft class as Earl Thomas and Eric Berry and was considered by some to have the most upside. He had a freakishly athletic huge frame measuring 6'3" and 230lbs. I bought he was going to be a beast mode safety. Damn car accident. He'll at least he's living and walking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flimflam View Post
    If here's there at 12, he's too good to pass up I think. The CB position is deep this year, deeper than OL and LB, which are other areas we could pick at 1. We do have holes, but I also don't think we are that far off - we still have a core. With a good draft, judicious signings, and FA pick ups, we are there in the thick of things.

    Anyway, Dennard would make for a nice secondary. Prince and Darqueze at CB, and Rolle and Hill/Brown at Safety. A good secondary makes for a good pass rush, and vice versa. I think we could sign a OL, and draft another one at 2 or 3. I think the Panthers or Seahawks will represent the NFC is the SuperBowl, and a big part of that will be because of the D. I am all for the Giants bolstering the D.
    Mack would be my first choice but I doubt he'll be there at 12. I definitely would like the Dennard pick also. Prince and him would be a nice young duo. Another corner and pass rusher and our D can be lights out.

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    All in with this as well !!!! All Hail the GMen !!!!

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    I think Dennard will be the best player on the board when we pick unless he runs a crazy 40 at the combine which would elevate him into the top 10. I have no issue if they grabbed him.

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