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Thread: Bishop Sankey

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    Bishop Sankey

    I don't here this guys name mentioned on here at all so I am here to bring awareness to his talent.
    This kid is what you want in a running back, hard nose workhorse,
    can catch out of the backfield,
    run between the tackles and cut outside when need be,
    good vision, shifty and sometimes elusive.
    He is not afraid of blocking out of the backfield, sometimes he squares up some good blocks if he can't he tries to take their legs out.
    I like his size I think if he can put on 10-15 more pounds putting him at 210-215 5'10'' it would be beneficial at the next level.
    The kid runs with a low center of gravity,power, elite balance, and ability to change direction, once he's in the open field he has shown the ability to run away from defensive backs.
    If he declares I would say a mid to late 2nd round grade. I think this is a guy that would work well in our system, who can be that every down back.


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    I am a fan but I would like for us to look for a RB in the 3rd round at the earliest. He is a really good back though

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    I prefer Tre Mason, but Sankey is excellent. No-brainer in the 4th, but I'd wonder about the roster needs before then.

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