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I didn't think that he would declare... I just watched his game vs Michigan and was really impressed with his game. He looks to be a really solid blocker and has nice hands. He does look athletic enough to make a few moves once he makes the catch as well. Him and Fiedorowicz are almost the exact same build. Both guys can block well and would be perfect for us I think.

Damn the top 5 TE's in this draft could all make an impact in the league right away. Ebron, Amaro, Seferian Jenkins, Niklas, and Fiedorowicz. This is a sick TE class! The last three I mentioned are all guys that would fit our offense very well IMO
Ya, the TE class is shaping up really nicely.. I don't know if Niklas is gonna start right away.. He disapeared for long stretches during the season for ND, and dosen't have a ton of game reps on the college level. I like em alot though, just think it might be a yr or 2 before he really comes on..

You got a really fun class of TE's this yr..

The top of the list TE's
A.Seferian-Jenkins Wash
J.Amaro T-Tech
E.Ebron Unc
T.Niklas ND
Fiedorowicz Iowa

Then you got the potential/upside TE's(kinda like Julius Thomas and Jordan Cameron).etc
A.Lynch GA
R.Blanchflower Umass
Joe Don Duncan Dixie St.
X.Grimble Usc
R.Rodgers Cal
J.Murphy Utah
M.Jensen Fres St.

Then you got a few late rders and udf's that have intrigue(Jake Ballard, Jeff Cumberland type take a chances.etc)
C.Gillmore Col St.
J.Pedersen Wisc
T.Bolser Indy

Then you got the trouble makers who might be worth a flyer

A.C Leonard Tenn St.
C.Lyerla Org

A fun TE class indeed!