We seem to have come to a point where personal attacks, insults, name calling, etc. are the norm on The Boards. That people are upset after a losing season is understandable, but we need to think before we post and stop what is, at best, some very childish communications. Differences of opinions are to be expected, but they are not a reason to resort to calling someone a moron, idiot, not a fan, etc.

Most of us are adults here, at least chronologically. So we ask that you refrain from personal attacks, including name calling, and disrespectful comments.

When you have a problem with another member that you can't resolve through normal discourse, just WALK AWAY. If your goal is to convince everyone you are right, you are in the wrong place. State your opinion(s) and let others do the same in an atmosphere that doesn't turn into a battle of words which inevitably leads to incivility. Debate does not require rancor

We want our members to enjoy their time here, but we are not going to allow the constant barrage of venom that seems to occur far too frequently.


We hope this is enough said.