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Agreed....but he didn't have a choice. For the first 6 games, the entire team was like a flaming bag of dog crap. It sucked that he had to try to put his team on his back again, like 2011.

The major difference was that the team was 2 years older and more run down than in 2011. His biggest passing weapon, Nicks, was a basket case this year. His blindside protector, Beatty, had an atrocious season. The defense's biggest star, JPP, was a shadow of himself. Reese let a very good tight end walk, and replaced him with a guy that couldn't block to save his life. The interior of the line was weak and porous, their best lineman was a rookie. They went through 4 starting runningbacks, until they were literally signing guys off the street, like Hillis.

Everyone has beaten this topic to death, so the only thing I'll say is that Eli had a bad season, and I can totally understand how that happened.

Sounds to me like McAdoo is going to take an extremely detailed look at this team, and rebuild the offense from the ground up based on what he has to work with.....and that's exactly what he'll need to do given the the half-*** job our GM has done over the past several years.
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hear hear, well said.
he didnt have a "choice" but to play like crap??
Come on man. I agree the oline sucked and while that had a negative impact Eli compounded the problems on his own as well.
I am not convinced that say the Giants Oline was good this season that Eli still wouldn't have a down year. He just looked bad.