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Thread: i met rob gronkowski and called him aaron hernandez...

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Sully View Post
    Good thing he's not an *******, gronk smash

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnalyst View Post
    Should of asked him for an autograph on this:

    great mock draft

    2014 season
    23 rushes for 255yards 3td
    39 pancake blocks
    50 tackles 3 sacks (3 td saving tackles including final tackle as time expired to clinch win, hit of the game 9/14 & 10/26 )
    9-0-1 record///// invited to play in tiny mite bowl and beat the team we tied in regular season
    youtube (youth football Iselin Giants and look for video that's 4 mins 19sec)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan12 View Post
    great mock draft
    Yeah, too bad it wont happen. Reese wont trade back.
    "It wasn't Eli's fault, Parker just flattened his route!"

    "Perry Fewell and his Rush-4-krieg defense!"

    "Hey, It's 1st down, let's run it and make it 2nd and long!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmen1983 View Post
    I was meeting up with my brother and some friends to grab some dinner and I get a text saying rob gronkowski was sitting next to them. I was like yeah, ok! well I get there and sure enough hes right there. no one said anything to him but a few people throughout the dinner came up to him and shook hands with him.

    As we all get up and ready to leave I go over to him and say "hey your that guy right?" and he has a deer in headlights look, and I say "yeah your aaron hernandez, my favorite player!) and all his friends busted out laughing...he didn't seem to like the joke....(to soon?) so I walked away on that note....it was a great moment in my life.
    As funny as a heart attack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnalyst View Post
    Yeah, too bad it wont happen. Reese wont trade back.
    He will, however, trade up for a bench warming quarterback or a 6 ft 6 bust wr.
    Close or you hit the bricks

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