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    complaining about commentators is like complaining that you got Cool Whip instead of Reddi-Whip on your apple pie

    who cares what it is ..... just eat it

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    The same can be said for Aikman. They don't need heat in THAT booth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harooni View Post
    he is one of the bests, because he doesnt homer it up like so many do.

    + 1

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    How is Simms biased? You're pissed that he commends Brady but you're calling him biased. I'm not sure if I get it...

    Buck is the only commentator that absolutely drives me crazy. He gets to call all the biggest games, I have no idea why other than I've hearing his family has connections. I watch football to be entertained and that monotone voice just lulls me to sleep. I can't forgive him for totally botching the call for the David Tyree catch in the Super Bowl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strahantuck1 View Post
    This guy is a straight biased clown that is in love with the Patriots. He's also on par with Cris Collinsworth and Moose Johnston when it comes to being unbearable. I tried to watch today's game with the sound on, but he's just too terrible. He's been praising Brady, praising the Patriots linebackers, excusing non-calls by the officials, and just being his usual shill self. It really upsets me that THIS guy might be the greatest Giants QB of all-time and contributed to two Super Bowl rings. He's a total scumbag.
    Lol. Tom brady is only arguably the best qb in nfl history and has a stunning wife. I would praise him too.

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