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Thread: Richard Sherman

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyt830 View Post
    agreed! He's a cheatin PED using punk. I hope he gets torched by Manning in the superbowl. Maybe karma comes and slaps him in the face and knocks him on his ***.
    Agreed. Seattle has tremendous d. But I think Denver has the better receivers
    Everyone has the right to be stupid. Some just abuse the privilege.

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    I dont get some of the people in this thread. As a whole, we crucify athletes for being robotic and saying politically correct things. Richard sherman goes uncut, calls someone out after a heated battle, and still gets *****ed about. Lol. You cannot have it both ways. I prefer brutal honesty over robotic bs all day long. Crabtree and boldin are always talking smack and sherman returned the favor. I would love to have someone as talented, fiery, and uncut as sherman.

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