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Thread: superbowl pick?

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    superbowl pick?

    I was definitely hoping for Denver and Seattle and got my wish. Now I would like to see Seattle win.

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    Denver.. by default
    (1)Aaron Donald, DT Pittsburgh - (2)Joel Bitonio, OL Nevada - (3)CJ Fiedorowicz, TE Iowa
    (4)Brandon Coleman, WR Rutgers - (5)Bryan Stork, C Florida State - (5)Khairi Fortt, LB California
    (6)Tyler Gaffney, RB Stanford

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    I like Russell Wilson,but Peyton is the best ever...Broncos win.

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    Veteran Razur's Avatar
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    Pulling for the Broncos...

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    just kinda would like someone new win.

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    All-Pro titwio's Avatar
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    Bronx NYC ......... Justin Gilbert "bandwagoneer"
    I want to see the Meadowland winds go into high gear just so I get to witness Peyton's fluttering helicopter passes in full effect.

    Joking aside I just want to see a good game. I have a feeling the Broncos will find a way to win just so Peyton can ride off into the sunset. He seems to have destiny on his side this year. How he beats the Hawks secondary though I do not know.

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    I wanted a Denver/Seattle Super Bowl, so if either wins I'm good. If Peyton wins his second ring, great. If Wilson wins his first ring, great. Both QBs are class acts.
    One of these teams is not like the others

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    Its going to be a great Superbowl I can enjoy because I have no hate for either team. 2 classy QBs.
    If you dig up the dirt in Oakland, you will find Giant bones

    3/18/14 Draft:
    1-Aaron Donald DT Pitt
    2-Kareem Martin DE UNC
    3-Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Neb
    4-C.J. Fiedorowicz TE Iowa
    5-Bryan Stork C FSU
    5-Chris Watt G ND
    6-Jeff Janis WR SV

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    Bronx NYC ......... Justin Gilbert "bandwagoneer"
    ^ Sherman is anti-class though....and that's why he's awesome and fun to watch..

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