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    I think the Beason situation has the potential to be a lose, lose situation for Reese. Beason came in and improved one of the worse LB cores in the history of the NFL. Many people could do that. But everyone wants him to stay, we need him to stay. If Reese doesn't re sign him everyone will be bashing him. If Reese re signs him and his knee shatters into a million pieces the first preseason game next year everyone will be bashing him for that. I would def like Beason to stay, but I personally don't feel he is worth as much as what a lot of others feel he is. Mainly due to the risk factor of his injuries.

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    I think Reese's job is a lot more secure than people believe it to be. So I don't think he'll be pressured by public opinion at all.

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    Beason was great for us, but I am not breaking the bank for a guy who is below average in pass protection and has a long injury history. I hope he is back, but we have a salary cap.

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    As much as I want Beason to stay, the Giants can't break the bank for him if he prices himself out of New York. But if Beason walks they have to draft a REAL LB to offset the loss of Beason. If nothing else, Beason's impact should have shown everybody, especially JR, that they need some good LBs on that team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iansmitty631 View Post
    if the giants dont resign him, i cannot tell you how dissapointed i will be with the front office. I have faith in Reese but sometimes i feel like he tries to hard. . Go with the numbers for once. he lets our TEs go, when they produced above average numbers, clicked with Eli and were huge reasons for our success. and i bet you now he keeps the worst one over the last 5 years (meyers). Beason came in and totally changed this defense and made them a top 10 defense when they were getting SMOKED the first 4 games. They couldnt stop anyone. Re structure Elis contract because its the #1 contract vs the cap by any player, and give beason whatever it is he wants (obviously there comes a point where u say no but there is no ay beason goes that high) hes a game changer.
    You cant have the Best D and best O... At this point the organization has jumped both feet into an O sided team... I'm afraid the Giants will always prioritize a DE or WR then a LB (under JR)...

    I agree with you though... I think he needs to stay and Eli needs to re structure as HE really played like crap... I know he is a world champ but he has gotten paid well for doing so...

    Otherwise, teams will want Beason and it comes down to how far apart the #'s are... We know JR has let guys walk before for ridiculous amounts... I think Beason is one they will try and keep though...
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    We have not had a good MIKE since AP left. We have been experimenting with how many LBs at this position of need for how long now? Beason needs to be part of the rebuild equation and I hope they can make the numbers work. 3 - 3.5 mill for 3 years with bonus incentives can be the baseline to negotiate the deal. I think Beason knows that at his age , he cannot realistically expect a monster contract just because he played well 1 year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JayMas9 View Post
    This starting lineup in Carolina thing is really overblown. He didn't play a position that is completely wrong for him, so what. He's a MLB, that position was covered in Carolina, and Beason isn't a backup.
    another words he didnt beat out their starting MLB , correct?

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    I think Reese absolutely needs to find a way to resign Beason, if he lets him walk then we go back to having terrible LBers again and the fans will never let him hear the end of it, good GMs find ways of keeping the players they have to have....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harooni View Post
    another words he didnt beat out their starting MLB , correct?
    correct. he is not better than luke kuechly

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    Beason isn't a particularly good player anymore. But he did a good job commanding the huddle and getting guys lined up.

    The giants can live with poor MLB play, they have done it for years. But they can't live without a guy who gets them lined up correctly.

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