I have been harping for 2 years now upgrading the TE position. I have always
felt if the seasoned Eli had a Shockey in his prime minus the diva he would
cut down on a lot of INT's, increase his completion percentage and add
another dimension to this offense. Let's face it the tight ends we have had
have ben mediocre to above average, Bennett was a pleasant surprise but he
still made a lot of focus mistakes in the passing game.

Jace Amaro - Texas Tech - 6-5/260
I really like this kid I think he is the best upside TE prospect out of the
top 3 names at TE. He is either breaking or Tied with wide receiver records
(crabtree) 92 recs in 11 games with six 100 yard games. He has 106
receptions for 1,352 yards with seven touchdowns this year, faster than line
backers to big and physical for safeties, he is a miss match nightmare. *He
blocks well in screen plays I have not seen any inline blocking skills as
Tech uses his out the Y often. Smooth and fluid athlete, who uses his body
to gain proper positioning in coverage and attacks the ball in the air,
balanced route-runner with a wide catch radius. Blietnikoff award semi
finalist, some maturity issues ejected for punching a player and a arrest
for credit card fraud. *3 yr Career 138 recs - 1818 yards - 13 TD's (Head
Injury in 2013)

Eric Ebron - UNC - 6-4/245
He can block, he has the foundations of a good blocker just misses
assignments sometimes, it's almost frustrating because he will have one good
block on one play and complete WTF on the next play, He is not an impact
blocker for the running game, needs to develop his blocking. He is a
freakish athlete, highlighted by also doubling as a DE on defense. He is
good for 1-2 spectacular catches a game, huge catch radius; I would say he
is a natural pass catcher if it wasn't for some focus drops from time to
time, nothing that can't be coached at the next level. Great top end speed
to out run DB/S after the catch, my thing with Ebron's route running is that
he like(M.Bennett) tends to round his routes, he doesn't sell the cuts he
would separate better if he did, but he makes up for that by playing
confident and physical with the ability to catch well in traffic. *Good body
control when tracking the ball in stride with the speed to finish. 3 yr
career 112 rec - 1805 - 8 TD's *(Right shoulder injury in 2013)

Austin Seferian Jenkins - Washington state - 6-6/276
RED ZONE THREAT! Stand out polished blocking TE, on the line opening holes
for Bishop Shankey (another 3-4th round prospect I like) played Div 1
basketball which is interesting and shows his diverse athleticism , won the
John Mackey award 2013 (Ebron/O'leary) for outstanding TE in college
football. Reliable route runner finds holes in defenses, wish there was more
tape of his 2012 season. *Definitely a red zone threat with his size but he
is not going to threaten the seam with his speed, he is better serviced
boxing out defenders for contested balls or savvy routes to gain separation.
From what I seen he plays more finesse than physical and overpowering which
is what I first expected when I saw his size/height combo. Great
flexibility, concentration and body control, fair acceleration to top end
speed, good catch radius with ability to leap high or adjust for low balls.
Plead guilty to DUI. 3 yr career 146 rec - 1840 - 21 TD

Now who I like the most is Amaro, teams are looking for jimmy graham like
seam threat TE's to be an extension of the passing attack and Amaro reminds
me more of Shockey in the passing attack, he has minimal inline blocking
experience but I would hope that with his size and strength this stuff can
be coached. I have him as the #1 TE coming out this draft over Ebron, I know
that's not the popular opinion but I am going off of what I see on tape and
upside potential.

ASJ would be the safe pick, I am not saying he is inferior in anyway just
saying he is not going to take over a game like Amaro/Ebron can. I love his
blocking he is physical at the point of attack, I personally would like to
go away from the we only use TE's to block philosophy, I would like a
legitimate threat at the TE position. *ASJ is the type of player the Giants
look for at TE.