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Ebron is underrated as a blocker, but honestly I'm not looking for a blocking TE. We need someone who can put pressure on opposing LBs/Safeties and stretch the field vertically. This would take tons of pressure off Cruz and allow him to run underneath routes. Depending on who Defenses decide to double Randle/Nicks would then have mismatches on the outside and could work the sidelines.

I think he'd start immediately and would help the entire offense tremendously.
Well, he lined up either in the slot or outside almost 80% of his snaps. So it is very fair to say he isnt a good blocking TE. They almost never asked him to end line block. He did show that he is slightly bigger and stronger than many thought, so that is encouraging as far as his ability to develop into a blocker, but he isnt a good 1 now.

He really is special as a receiver tho.