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Thread: TE-2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by gibril28wilson View Post

    i honestly dont know who the giants take at TE, im personally torn between Ebron and ASJ. i dont really want a TE at 12, but at the same time i dont see Amaro or ASJ making it to us in the 2nd round. and i would not be comfortable going into the season with like Niklas or Friedowicz as our starting TEs (or any of the TEs currently on the roster for that matter). So taking Ebron at 12, if hes there, might be the smartest and safest move to guarantee we get a starting caliber TE in the draft
    Great way to sum it up. this is exactly the answer I was looking for when i posted the conundrum earlier. Is it wise to take ebron at 12 knowing he has a above 60% being there rather than risk passing on him and having a below 40% chance of ASJ/Amaro falling to our #2 round spot, cause if we do then we are reaching for 3rd and 4th rounders at the position

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAILGATIN' View Post
    Don't listen to me, just take every expert and analysts word for it..
    No, that's my point . I do not do that. I form my own opinions. However, I am not alone. I posted some links above of "experts" who mention how he has fallen a bit.

    I do see good stuff on his tape and nobody puts up the numbers he did without having some skill.

    I just look for certain things in TEs that I cannot find on his tape.

    Aside from the blocking, 1 of the other big things that bothers me is the complete lack of contested catches on his tape. He is open a LOT and that works both for him and against him. It works for him cause it shows he knows how to find holes in defenses. It works against him because he played a lot of bad defenses this year and in the NFL even the bad defenses contest catches. That's where a TE's bread is buttered. I want to know he can do it if I am drafting a guy late 1st early 2nd, which is where you have him.

    But, w/e I have stated my opinion. I think he is a good player, but I have more question marks around him than most.

    *edit* I should ay that I like him more for our new offensive system than our old. I would be strongly against him for us if we were still running the Gilbride system
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSanta View Post
    No, that's my point . I do not do that. I form my own opinions. However, I am not alone. I posted some links above of "experts" who mention how he has fallen a bit.
    I also form my own opinions, but I'm also a realist. Every mock and expert I've seen or read up on has him in the 1-2 round range, and I also feel that based on his tape and in comparison to other TEs that's where he belongs. You are the first and only person I've heard say he is 3rd round material, and that's fine. I've read a few things that said his stock may have dropped after the combine, but we hear that stuff every year. Even if it did fall a bit, we will be lucky if he's there at the end of the 2nd and I am saying there is no way he's still around for the 3rd. That is my opinion, it just so happens to be in line with most of the experts. There are a handful of receivers I'd rather have than most of the guys predicted to go in the 1st, so that goes against the norm. It's all good
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