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    Don't have a problem with the smack talk, but after that play he went right over to talk smack instead of cheering with his teammates. Still, would want him on the Giants though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YATittle1962 View Post
    thank you....my goodness can everyone shut up about this already

    .... as if Richard Sherman was the first athlete to ever smack talk .....
    This !!!!
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    I never overreacted to it. FOX Coverage SUCKS! Erin Andrews running on the field like this is college football trying to get a instant reaction. Why couldn't Fox do like NBC and Michelle Tafoya does and have her get Sherman, hold him until they come back from Commercial Break (when he likely would have been more calm) and then get his reaction

    I have no problem with Sherman at all, trash talking is nothing new, hell LT was a trash talker, Michael Strahan was a trash talker. I don't care about any of that especially if you can back it up! Yes he admittedly said he could have handled things better but what he did don't not = THUG ACTIVITY! You can say he is ARROGANT or a LOUD MOUTH, but that wasn't the action of a "THUG"

    Is the NFL Becoming Soft or are the FANS the ones becoming SOFT? With Social Media not being involved, it is showing that NFL Fans are Super Sensitive when it comes to their favorite team that people have to turn to Racism and things that have nothing to do with Football when their favorite team lose
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    Who gives a rat's *** what Sherman said or displayed. We should be talking about how he's slightly over rated, IMO, and not the self proclaimed "best" db in the league.

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    Sherman was hilarious.

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