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I dont think Martin is a first round pick. Think hes a 2nd rounder.Just dont see the power from him I think he would need at guard, and I have no confidence in his ability to play OT at the next level on either side
Martins actually one of the rare Lineman i'd be ok taking in RD1. His play against Rutgers in the Pinstripe bowl was some of the finest blocking i'd see all bowl season. He did show some power blocking the outside edge and he got in space to the 2nd level many times and was stout run blocking inside the 10.I dont' care for Martin at 10, but i'd be ok if we dropped back in the 20's and snagged him while aquiring other picks. As far as the other Olineman, i'm really hoping we don't go with that at pick 12. If we do go Oline at 12, i hope its Martin..