I like Bortles. More importantly the NFL scouts like him too. Go on over to Walterfootball and check out the rumor section. There are numberous reports (1 was not a rumor but a NFL network report) that scouts have not been overly impressed with any of the QBs at the senior bowl and that despite not being there, a majority of the discussion has revolved around Bortles.

Some team will take a chance on Bortles very early in the draft.

Here are some of the things I like:

The part of his game that amazes me the most. He doesn't throw at 1 velocity. He uses touch passes when they are needed and he uses bullets when they are needed. This is something he does better right now than many current NFL QBs.

His natural inclination when he feels pressure is to step up into the pocket rather than float back or go laterally. This seems simple, but it is important in the NFL.

He doesn't stare down recievers and will actually look guys off. This is something you don't see a lot of guys coming out of college do well.

His ball placement is excellent. He does the little things in this regard like put the ball on the opposite side of the receiver from the defender.

Most importantly he played well in big games.

I know most don't agree with me but if I am a top 3 team and I need a QB, I do not necessarily automatically take Bridgewater. I think Bortles requires some serious consideration.

He definitely is a better prospect than Gabbert, who I never liked as a 1st rounder. He was a perfect example of teams falling in love with a guys arm, rather than actually looking at the small things like ball placement and tendencies under pressure/ passrush.