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I think Evans is also gone prior to 12. Not sure we'd take a TE in first round.. But never know. We'd have to see happens in FA first the. Get better gauge on what needs are. If we don't pick up a WR in FA to replace nicks I think we take one but not in first round. Lots of guys will fall to us in 2/3 round.. Landry of LSU is a name that comes to mind
Yeah I don't want to take a first round WR unless Watkins is there but if Evans is the BPA because guys like Dennard, Mosley, Mack, etc are gone I guess I wouldn't mind the pick but I would be a bit disappointed because of the depth. I mean I would be very happy getting someone like Jordan Matthews, Davante Adams, Paul Richardson, Odell Beckum Jr, and Jarvis Landry in the 2-3 round range. There are probably more that I like but can't think of them right now. I am in class so I am not going to look at the prospect rankings to see if I missed anyone. WR is crazy deep this year! Brandon Coleman who was a potential first rounder at the beginning of the year is ranked like the 20th best WR in the draft class on CBS sports. That is crazy I think...

EDIT: Allen Robinson was one I was missing but he very well could be a first rounder with a solid combine