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I have a hard time projecting Mack as a pass rusher. 1 reason is I dont have as much game tape of him as the others , 2nd he hasnt gone up against many elite tackles.1 of these days im going to have sift through all his tape and just focus on pass rushing situations and grade those. Might be a good piece for Draftbreakdown
Mack certainly ripped up OSU who have one of the better O-line units in college football. 9.5 tackles 2.5 sacks and pick six. Of the two I like Mack better for the Giants just because he seems better in space. I really like Barr but it's the same thing fans were complaining about when the Giants drafted Clint Sintim. He's better suited as a 3-4 OLB. Actually both these guys are but I think Mack is better suited to playing in a 4-3.