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I still dont think Dennard is big enough or fast enough to develop into an elite type CB.

Think he runs in the mid 4.5s at best.
I do love Dennard, and would have no qualms with him at 12. But the CB position is deep in this years draft. CBs can be hit or miss in the 1st. Recently for example, Peterson, Milliner, and Clairborne were supposed to be otherworldly CBs but they have shown they are human and can struggle, whereas talents like Sherman or Carr fall.

This year CBs like Roby, Gilbert, Verret, Mcgiil or Fuller might turn out to be the better player. So for example, while I want to address the D with our draft and we certainly need OL help and a RB and TE, we would be fortunate to get a franchise tackle or guard (I don't like guards in the 1st) in the first round and a talented corner in the 2nd.

Man, I cannot wait for the draft. ALl I know is Reese better hit it on all cylinders with this years draft class.