It's honestly the only game that's keeping me from getting the new XBox One. It's one of the best games I've ever played (Online is where its at). If anyone needs help leveling up or looking for a crew, post here.

There's some New York Giants Crews with the NY Logo, but they're hand made and look silly. I could honestly put the logos in-game with a HTML hack (whatever) on the Rockstar site that most people now use to upload custom emblems instead of using the Emblem creator they have on the site.

Or you could just join my Austrian Hitmen Arnold Schwarzenegger crew

I'm in a biker crew right now though but if you just want to level up easily and want to put Arnold on your shirt you can join the old crew I made. If you use Social Club for Rockstar, feel free to add me (The Mossberg500 is my Xbox Gamertage). If you add me just tell me who you are from the forum. Last time I did this with another game, I got random friend requests from people that just lurk on the forums so I didn't accept it.