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    "Five Questions" With Giants' Placekicker Josh Brown


    Excerpt: "One of the cool things about Super Bowl Week is that there are always some unique interview opportunities, even when you are sitting at home rather than working from the center of the Super Bowl frenzy. Such is the case this week with Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos.

    As part of a MetLife promotional campaign New York Giants' placekicker Josh Brown was making the media rounds Wednesday. Brown is a friendly, open, engaging guy and he answered some questions for us. Read on to find out what we talked about.

    On how Brown learned to sing and whether or not he has performed for audiences previously ...

    This question was an obvious reference to Brown's recent -- and awesome -- contribution to 'National Anthem with Football Stars,' which you can see below.

    "I've been singing since I was about 5-6 years old in church and if I had to point out somebody I learned from I learned from my mother. I've sung publicly quite a bit throughout my life ... talent shows and different things like that. Sang the National Anthem at a few different spots, done some things in the past. It's not my first time."
    Apologies to opera star Renee Fleming, who will sing the National Anthem before Sunday's game, but I had to follow this up by asking Brown if he thought the 'Football Stars' could have handled the anthem at the Super Bowl.

    "That's what I thought, MetLife being the name of the stadium and the big sponsor here. I thought it would have been awesome to have a few guys that play in the stadium for the Jets and Giants and obviously Emmitt Smith and Eddie George and Greg (Robinson) in there. We coulda done it, we coulda nailed this song."

    Excerpt: "On the return of Tom Quinn as Giants' special teams coach ...

    "I'm actually in support of Coach Quinn. I think out of the number of special teams guys that I've had I think he's one of the better teachers, I really do. I think he's a very intelligent person and I think he deserves to be there. You can't blame the coach because the players aren't doing their job, you just can't. These are grown men, they're expected to do their job. They're given an assignment, it's explained, it's explained very well from what I've seen throughout my career. I think he does a great job of teaching and putting people in positions to make plays. It's a matter of execution. In the end yeah, coaches get fired, they become scapegoats when the money is too expensive in one area sometimes, but I don't feel that way in this situation. I really feel like we had great meetings, I feel like we had great practices, we're just not able to execute in the moment . What do you expect of the man, you can't put all that on him ... It's one of those things where a player's got to execute, a coach has got to coach and I think he did a great job." Read more...
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    cool....I like what he had to say.
    As far as the STs performance I am inclined to agree with Brown. Also the two big things you want for STs is a great punting and kicking game. They have that.
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