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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjeep View Post
    I didn't think it was boring. Watching Seattle play at such a high level was interesting. Watching Denver's offense that broke so many scoring records this year get basically shut out was exciting. Watching Peyton do his Eli Imitation was eye popping.
    I found it boring. Hard to get excited when the result isn't in doubt. Maybe I'd just gotten used to these things being instant classics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip Empty View Post
    I found it boring. Hard to get excited when the result isn't in doubt.
    As a football purist, I found it exciting! It was just missing Tebow at the helm! LOL! You must admit, Peyton did a great Eli impersonation!
    Giants fan since '58

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    Must be moving day! LOL!
    Giants fan since '58

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcap88 View Post
    And the other Manning brother is playing like crap now. Can you guess which one it is?

    I'm no Eli homer, but come on. Peyton is struggling against the No. 1 defense, but it's everyone else's fault. Eli struggled against Seattle and it was all his fault. And Peyton's line doesn't seem to be faring much better than the Giants.
    Difference is that Peyton is getting mauled and beat up in the pocket. Eli wasn't getting hit at times and still threw atrocious passes. Peyton didn't exhibit this behavior all season long, where Eli exhibited this behavior all season long and in past years.

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