I was reading the Eagles Message Boards the other day, and 90% of the giants fans on there are morons.

Happyfoosball, Dr Zaius, SZJ, and Giantz4life are the only guys that consistency post there who aren't idiots.

I point this out because there are a few NFC east rivals on our boards who and decent posters. They support their team but also (for the most part) are realistic with it as well. Eagles and Cow fans alike.

They don't try to kiss ***. They stick up for their team and the players.

For example Ntegrase. We like to rag on Romo, who is actually a very good QB, and Nte defends him accordingly.

There are so many Giants fan on the EMB who are such Eli bashers it isn't even funny. In reality they are just clueless. They hate on the guy that has gotten us this far. Almost like they are trying to appeal to the Eagles fans.

Perhaps you could point out some good Giants posters who I have not seen. But the impression I got from spending some time on there is that most are an embarrassment to the Giants.

okay, rant over