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    Which positions are deep in this years FA pool?

    I'm trying to figure out who I want the giants to draft but it's tough not knowing who we'll get in FA. Being the nerd I am I am now trying to guess who the giants May go after, and begin crafting a mock draft.

    In past years the giants typically go after serviceable players for relatively cheap. Does anyone know which positions are deep with serviceable talent this year in FA? Any "sleeper"FA's you guys want?

    We have a lot of little needs mixed with a few glaring ones needing to addressed this offseason. It'll be interesting to see how the giants address them this offseason, and it's fun trying to predict it!
    Rd1 Wishlist...

    Cooper, Shelton, Schreff

    Or trade down and grab...

    Dupree, Armstead, Waynes, Beasley

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