[quote user="Armstead#98"][quote user="slipknottin"][quote user="Armstead#98"]I would love to draft Patrick Peterson... he is a unreal CB.. I can see a scenario where 2010 is Ross and Webster last years as Giants

Lol. Only way 2010 is websters last year as a giant is if he has some major career ending injury.[/quote]
Corey Webster sucks... If he has another year like he had last season he will be cut.. The Giants are paying that huge salary for the play Webster brings to the field..You can take that to the bank

I was saying the same thing when somebody made the Terrell Thomas vs. Aaron Ross thread. Corey Webster is overrated and over paid because of the Super Bowl run.

I wanted Kyle Wilson or Devin McCourty in the first round this year. I wish FSU's CB Greg Reid was eligible to come out after this season; he's gonna be a beast.