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[quote user="Raptor22"]I'm thinking that Reese will use this coming draft to fortify the OL, and (probably) either S, LB, or CB (depending on if/how Jones comes back from his accident, and how the linebackers perform)

TE, FB, or RB could be secondary.

I've noticed that in the last two years Reese has taken about half his picks and really bolster a particular area. Yes, he drafts for value first, but JR and friends are good enough scouts that value and need tend to coincide.

A RT and a Center are a must if Ohara goes downhill quick the Giants could be in some trouble. They have 3 guys fortified for the future they need 2 more starters. Is Petrus a guy? Maybe , Either he or Diehl could possibly play RT as well. Safety again is a possibility although an early indication this group isnt anywhere near as good as last year. If the underclassman come out the top is good not much depth though. CB could be fine depending how they perform if Ross falters a nickelback could be a big priority. The CB position is loaded at the top. The LB class is very good as well if the Giants dont takea MLB highin the 11 draft they never will.

DT still could be a need Alford and Coefieldcould be FA or RFA depending on what happens with the CBA and Bernard has underperformed thus far. When I start looking at it, I see a lot of holes on this roster

[/quote]definetly feeling the LB class this yr, and even with boley, if we get a chance to get Travis Lewis, i would hope we'd pull that trigger, hes the best LB in the country in my opinion.. Greg Jones would be a nice WLB pickup, similar to Daryl Washington of this past draft.. Then u got Steve Smiths brother Malcolm SMith, who i think is poised to have a big yr, USC is stout at LB, with Chris Gallipo in the middle and Malcom SMith.. OBviously, Sturdivant is another LB i like, as well as Kelvin Sheppard and Mark Herzlich.. If Herzlich is healthy, my lord, watch out!