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The top 10 players we want to see as Giants next Spring. If they had the 15th spot in the draft as they did last year.

[/quote] I like Nate Solder myself, i'm looking forward to seeing if he totally dominates all yr long, and uses his Overwhelming Athletic Ability and FREAKY measurables to get into the top 10 talk, or if we have a chance to secure him, where ever we end up picking... He Reminds me of Bruce Campbell, as far as this Yr's "freak".. I am very eager to see how he plays on the Field, i want to see him play another words...
[/quote]I wouldn't want solder. Too much developing. Gabe carimi is good, but mark Ingram is a very special player and has a great work ethic.[/quote] Well, lets see how he does this yr, before we say, hes got to much developing to do.. Thats why i said, I want to Actually See him play, and see how he looks, and if he looks like a Natural, and if he looks like he can help quickly or not.. As u see, he Played 850 Snaps at LT last yr, and will get the same this yr, if he stays healthy, thats 2yrs of playing LT on a every game basis, and in Practice, thats a Heck of a lot of Playing LT.. He also was already Successful, which is a Good sign, getting ALL BIG 12 honors at the positon... Agai, i want to see him play, but lets not forget, how good hes already been, and how many snaps and games and pracitce and coaching up hes gonna have by the time the Draft Gets Here, and then he gets a Training Camp and Pre Season on top of that, before the 2011 Season begins....

#78 Nate Solder

Position: Offensive Tackle
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 315
Year: Senior
City/State: Buena Vista, Colo.
High School: Buena Vista
Experience: 3 Letters

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AT COLORADO: This Season (Sr.)-CU's starting left tackle, he is CU's most decorated in the preseason since 2006 (PK Mason Crosby). His top honor was being named to the prestigious Playboy Preseason All-America team; he also earned first-team honors from The Kickoff and Consensus Draft Services, second-team mention from Lindy's Big 12 Football and Phil Steele's College Football, and third-team from Athlon and CFI. A unanimous preseason All-Big 12 selection, he is also one of 63 players on the watch list for the Outland Trophy and one of 75 for the Lombardi Award. Rivals.com ranked him as the No. 72 player overall (all positions) in the nation, while Lindy's rated him as the No. 3 offensive tackle, with Phil Steele tabbing him No. 7 on that same list. ESPN.com ranked him as the No. 5 "freak" in the nation as far as conditioning is concerned; with less than 7 percent body fat on his frame, he power-cleans 415 pounds (for three reps), hang-cleans 473 (also three reps), owns a 4.88 time in the 40 and a 32-inch vertical jump. Those numbers helped him earn the team's Iron Buffalo Award for the second straight year for all offensive linemen. He was also a co-recipient of the Greg Biekert Award for attention to detail.

2009 (Jr.)-Started all 12 games at left tackle, playing 850 snaps on offense (all but two of the team total). He earned first-team All-Big 12 honors from the league coaches (honorable mention from the Associated Press), and was a fourth-team All-American by College Football Insiders; he also earned first-team All-Colorado honors from the state's chapter of the National Football Foundation.

He graded out to exactly 90.0 percent for the season, a team-best, and over 80 percent for all 12 games and 90 percent or better seven times; his top grade was 96 percent at Oklahoma State. He also led the team with 97 finishing/knockdown blocks and seven touchdown blacks. He allowed just three quarterback sacks and four pressures, while being called for five penalties. He was named for the second straight year as one of the recipients of the team's Gold Group Commitment Award which recognizes excellence with class in a variety of areas. For spring practice, he was the recipient of the John Wooten Award for outstanding work ethic, and was the Iron Buffalo Award winner among the offensive lineman, given to those at each position who represent hard work, dedication, toughness and total poundage lifted in the weight room.


He is intriguing but he needs to put on a good amount of weight. He is way to skinny and does not have a solid enough base. His techniue isnt vey good , he is a bit of a project. I think he does have some tremendous potiental though. I think he is a 3rd round pick right now. If he improves though he could get into the first. To me this is an underwhelming tackle class at the very top. I think there are some nice tackles but not sure if there are elite top 10 ones. Its early though Im sure someone will step up and separatefrom the pack. I didnt think Nate Potter played all that well against VT. Hewas beaten badly off the edge on a couple occasions and knocked the ball out of Moores hands on other.

[/quote] If this kid plays as good as he did last yr, with his measurables, hes a shoe in for RD 2, in my opinion, and i will go out on a limb, and say, hes gonna be a RD 1 guy, especially after he destroys the Combine.. And, the best part is, it won't be after a So So career, it'll be after most likley back to back All BIG 12, and most likley, a All AMerican season.. Of Course, i'm projecting alot, because the Seasons very young, but it's hard to imagine him not being better then his 1st yr of Playing LT and still garnering all big 12.... We seen guys put on wt pretty easily when they need 2, and if he gets up to 323 or so, i'm more then happy with his WT... THat shoulden't be 2hard for him.. I'm pretty Excited about Him, and he's a Guy i'm gonna be following all season long, and i guess, we shall see... He is the Reigning IORN BUFFALO award winner....lol

I love the Stats on his Knock Down Blocks and TD BLOCKS, and the Grading System.. He had a pretty Big yr, being his First Yr at the positon.. I totally understand why theres so much Hype with this kid, it makes sense...